Kids ABC Games: Toddler Boys & Girls Learning Free App Reviews

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My daughter loves it

It’s a great app that focuses on the basics

My 2 year old really enjoys it.

It is a fun and engaging way to learn letters and numbers. I just wish more of it was available at a time.

Learning his abc

My grandson lives to play this game. It has reinforced his knowledge of his letter

Good game for toddlers

My son loves this game

Great game for kids

Great game for my 3 year. Old

Amazing app

My almost 2 year old son has been playing this for a few months and it has majorly influenced his letter recognition. He loves playing this game!

21 month old enjoys it

My daughter can't quite do it on her own, but she enjoys pointing to the letters and having me help her. When she is able to play it on her own, we will likely buy more levels.

Love it

My 2yr old loves this

Awesome Child Play

My son enjoys playing this game especially on long drives.

Good app

My 3 hear old twins love this app!

My daughter loves it!!

My 2 year old daughter loves this game!!

Good job

Good job

Great for one year old!


Best sorting game

By 18 month old loves this. It's not too difficult to get the shape/letter in the space and he has so much fun doing so.

My daughter loves it

She loves this app

Great app

My daughter love it

Good Basic App

Good basic app to begin the learning process.

Good for what it is

Hard to find decent apps that introduce spelling. My 4 year old knows her letters so she will outgrow it soon however I like that she can spell and learn words beyond identifying the alphabet


I think thecolor isbeautiful and useful


My little on it 2 and loves this app. It helps so much with teaching letters and numbers and words

Great learning tool

My toddler like s to play and seems to be taking it in like a sponge.

Great tool for toddlers

The app really helped my three year old with focusing better then flash card or books. Thanks!

Awesome app



This app is everything. I love that my little one is excited

Fun for my 2year old

My two year old plays this constantly! It's very educational and fun for him!!


Love this learning tool. My 2 year old loves it too.

Baby Fun

My daughter loves it. Easy for 12 months & up.

Good game

My son enjoys

Great game

My kiddos love this game. Great game for toddlers


Fun learning app for kids! Can’t wait to try the next levels.

Good app

If we can unlock more level for free is better.


My kid likes it

2.5 year old

My child loves this app. Is it possible to change the language setting on the app? To Russian or Ukrainian?



My son loves it!

My son loves to swipe the letters and I love that he's learning. Thanks!


My son really likes this. It's really helped him learn how to spell. Usage is limited since we only have free version.

Great app

Great app for my to year old


Son loves, but too easy for the free levels, age 3

Great games

My 2 year old granddaughter loves it!

Baby loves this!

She gets so excited when we play this game together and has a growing sense of pride as she learns letters and numbers!

Amazing APP

My son loves this game!!

20 month old likes it

20 month old likes it.

Great game!

Wished it offered a little more for free. Very frustrating to get a free app for a young child just to have a very little of it, then have to pay.

Smart ABC

This game is helping my one year old everyday to familiarize herself with numbers and letters! She’s instantly interested once she hears the music.

Great app

Three year old nephew loves it.

Nice app

Very good app.


My son loves this game. He's 2 but it's helped him learn letters and numbers.


My 3 yr old enjoys this app. He now recognizes the whole alphabet!

Great app

This app is so engaging that my little one is never bored of it.


It's fun and easy for my 3 year old to use.

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